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Do you know the benefits of employment screening? Most companies are aware of the liability of negligent hiring and want to ensure a safe workplace, improve workforce productivity, decrease turnover and maximize HR support. Performed by an experienced company, employment screening services are essential to hiring and retaining quality employees. SafeNet Corporation provides multiple services such as Child Care Screening, VR Information, Private Investigation, Tenant Screening and much more. We also utilize Hurman, our proprietary web based system, to offer helpful features like Background Checks, Personality & Integrity Testing, Drug Screening, and Payroll Services.

Tenant Screening
Safenet Tenant Screening Services provide a credit check with credit score, eviction records, past address history, Social Security Number Verification, and instant results from a National criminal records database which also includes information from the following sources: Multi-State Sex Offender Database, OFAC, the FBI Terrorist List, Federal/State/Local Wanted Fugitive Lists. The report includes charge, case number, disposition, offense, sentence, arrest date, disposition date, and filing date.

Vehicle Registration Information
Vehicle Registration Records provide critical information to insurance companies, financial institutions, auto registration services, law firms, employers and other businesses. By ordering from Safenet Corporation, you empower your business decision makers with the ability to reduce risk and loss due to fraud or error by:

* Confirming the legal owner, VIN and vehicle title information
* Learning the registration date, expiration and fees for any vehicle
* Discovering if there are any liens, brands or holds on the vehicle
Child Care Screening
Peace of mind is knowing that you're leaving your kids in trustworthy hands. Never leave your children with a provider without first investigating their background.

Secret Shopper Services

Safenet's goal is to assist our clients in achieving the highest level of customer service possible. Regionally and nationally, we provide quality reports to organizations across a variety of industries including: retail, apartment communities, restaurants, professional, grocery stores, real estate agents/developments, malls, convenience stores and gas stations. We are exceptionally proud of our hands on philosophy in quality control and customer satisfaction. Our strengths are found in the quality of our reports, our quick turn around time and our hands on approach.

Handwriting analysis
Handwriting analysis gives remarkable insights into the human personality. Safenet offers handwriting analysis service as a valuable, scientific, and accurate tool that can effectively assist you in professional situations. Lawyers desiring the "edge" use handwriting analysis in trial and witness preparation. Clinical psychologists obtain quick and accurate personality profiles for their clients. Human resource personnel benefit using handwriting analysis in evaluating job applicants and internal employee placement. Our expert skill in analyzing handwriting will give you immediate insight into areas of any investigation.

Safenet Employment Screening

Private Investigation
Safenet Investigation Services include surveillance, infidelity, locate missing persons, background checks and a complete line of other investigative work. Our investigative clients range from large national law firms and corporations with large scale investigations to private individuals looking for assistance. Our reputation for fast, efficient, discrete and thorough private investigations is second to none.

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