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  HURMAN - Human Resource Services
HURMAN turnkey, technology-driven solutions produce cutting edge results. The Hurman System: Human Resource Management System. Hurman is rapidly growing proprietary web based system that processes vast amounts of information about a ‘subject’ and summarizes the data into a highly detailed report viewable through the web, email or print. Hurman offers several features like Personality & Integrity Testing, Drug Screening, Payroll Services and much more.

Let our dedicated investigators go to work for you!

• Pre-Employment Investigations
• Drug Screening
• Worker’s Compensation Fraud
• Professional License Verification County, State & Federal
• Record Search
• FBI Fingerprint Search
• Education Verification
• Personal Reference Checks
• Social Security Fraud Investigations
• Personality & Integrity Testing

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Not every company requires our Comprehensive Employer and Administrative Essentials services. But almost any company would benefit from a little help here and there, particularly if they can save time, money and precious internal resources. Our HR Out of the Box services are designed to support, supplement and free up your internal resources. You pick and choose the services you need to fill in those HR holes, eliminate burdensome jobs and streamline processes.

Background Checks

"Discover" all public information related to the applicant. This is excellent when hiring upper level management personnel or pursuing a potential business partner. SafeNet’s Discover Report searches public information based on the applicant’s name and social security number. This report is an excellent tool to identify previous addresses so that the background investigation can be done in the proper counties and states. The Discover Report also uncovers any other social security numbers that may be linked to the applicant. (i.e. an individual using multiple social security numbers). A complete background investigation can then be initiated when you have the proper data. Information includes:

• Verification of Name to Social Security Number • Other Names Used with Social Security Number
• Other Social Security Numbers Used with Name • Previous Addresses (up to 10 years)
• Verification of Driver's License Number • Date of Birth Verification
• Other Names at Current Address • Bankruptcies
• Liens/Judgements (*May not be available in all jurisdictions) • Corporations Associated with Applicant.
• Universal Commercial Code Filings • Watercraft Ownership
• Aircraft Ownership • Watercraft Ownership
• Licensed Pilot Information • Real Property Ownership
• Surrounding Names and Addresses of 10 Nearest Neighbors (Current address)

Nationwide services available including: Criminal Histories, Public records Searches and much, much more. Is your mate or spouse married to someone else, divorced, a parent, financially sound or dating others. We can find out quick and prevent heartache and disaster.

Nationwide service that looks for hidden bank accounts, stocks/bonds, real estate, vehicles, interest or partnerships in business, business credit and corporate records available.

Turning your employment verifications over to SAFENET will save you both time and money in endless phone calls, missed phone calls, and dead end information. SafeNet verifies previous employment for authenticity including dates, job title, job responsibilities, salary information, and in most cases whether or not the company would rehire the applicant. Additional information is requested but may or may not be released depending on the company’s policy.

From your Social Security Trace/Address History, or as a separate requested search, you have the ability to target your County Felony Records Check, Statewide Felony and Misdemeanor Check and/or Federal District Records Check. In some states, counties submit criminal data to a state repository. The data submitted varies by state – some states attempt to collect all data from all counties, while other states may collect arrest or felony data. In addition, some counties may not provide data to the state or when they do, the state may not enter the data in a timely manner.
** No statewide criminal records available in California

Driving Records reveal those applicants who: Have a history of speeding, Reckless driving, Driving while intoxicated and whether the license is in fact, valid. This full report will disclose violations, accident histories, license type and registration, suspensions and current points.

HURMAN's Consumer Credit Report links information for three major credit bureau's with access to more than a half a billion records. This report reveals accounts, status of delinquencies, judgements, monthly obligations, balances, etc. Can also verify address, previous address, social security number, and misuse of name or social security number. (Full compliance with Fair Credit Reporting Act)

Hurman's got you covered

An excellent tool, this report verifies that the applicant's social security number is consistent with the name of the applicant, identifies applicants utilizing fraudulent names and social security numbers and identifies persons engaged in possible welfare fraud.

When a conditional job offer has been made to a perspective employee, HURMAN can retrieve information revealing the presence of workers' compensation claims and claims information. This report can help control persons making a habit of living off insurance claims. The report of often shows compesnation information, accident dates and types of injuries (Full compliance with ADA). Turning your employment verifications over to HURMAN will save you both time and money in endless phone calls, missed phone calls and dead end information. HURMAN verifies pre-employment for authenticity including:

• Dates • Job Title
• Job Responsibilities • Salary Information
• Attendance • Performance
• and in most cases, whether or not the company would rehire the applicant
*Additional information is requested but may or may not be released depending on the company's policy.

Verifiying the education is part of ensuring your candidate has received the proper education and training for the postion applied. Often times, applicants will misstate and falsify degrees earned and/or attended as claimed.

Is your candidate wanted or have outstanding warrants? This search will identify those candidates who are wanted or have outstandig warrants in the United States.

Backed by a force of over 3000 investigators, the integrity and accuracy of handpull searches ensure precise, quality information. Criminal records at the county level are most often retained for seven years. This search will more accurately help us identify those applicants with a history of fraud, theft, violence or drug use/distribution, etc. with 24 to 72 hour turn around in most cases.

If available, the state issued license information can be verified. Often, information regarding complaints and lawsuits can be discovered.

Includes 5 Calls Per Reference. Reference Checks as you know can be very time consuming and a headache to do.

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  HURMAN improves your success | We’ve Got You Covered!

The founders and associates of HURMAN have provided employment and security services to HURMAN customers since mid-1980s.

Backed by a nationwide workforce of over 3,000 investigators, the integrity and accuracy of hand-pull searches ensure precise, quality information.

HURMAN investigations have the ability to draw on information resources not available to individuals, businesses or corporations.

Our proprietary automated system is continually improved to insure cutting edge technology.

24 to 72 hours from request to delivery. Certain requests may be completed the same day.

Web access to reports and search results are simply a click away from the office or other Internet-enabled locations.

HURMAN services are easily combined and customized to your company’s needs. Our searches and reports are FCRA-compliant.

Just call 800.865.8652 for your corporate ID code and applicant kit. That’s all that is needed.

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