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Safenet | Protecting your business

The founders and associates of SafeNet have provided employment and security services to SafeNet customers since mid-1980s. SafeNet started soley as a security company providing the public with advanced intelligent alarm systems and over the past 2 decades have expanded the horizon with background screening, safety services, investigations, and human resource management. We pride ourselves in creating diverse capabilities for the future and will be partnering with companies like Equifax to develop hybrid services in relation to the background investigation market.

SafeNet is designed around absolute accuracy and backed by a nationwide workforce of over 3,000 investigators. The integrity and accuracy of our hand-pull searches ensure precise, quality information with cutting edge technology. Our investigations have the ability to draw on information resources not available to individuals, businesses or corporations and even with same-day results. SafeNet services are easily combined and customized to your company’s needs. Our searches and reports are FCRA-compliant.

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